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The Magic of Imagination

Science fiction and fantasy are stories of unexplainable magic. With roots found in fairytales, these stories offer children an escape from reality to utopian or dystopian worlds. In these stories where magic plays an important role, children are given license to live in imagined worlds, interact with unbelievable characters and resolve conflicts with tools that may not exist. In these stories, children are not only happy to enter but to stay as well.

Yet, fantasy stories are distinct from science fiction. The experience of fantasy stories is unique to the worlds created. Fantasy stories, whether low or high fantasy stories, create a sense of wonder and delight that children feel empowered to linger and play along.


Science fiction stories, on the other hand, anchored by scientific breakthroughs present children with the belief that the imagination is within the reach of human invention. These stories are critical for children because they activate and educate their imagination – an imagination that is needful for progress. Submarines, astronautical ships and time-travel are some ideas where of imagination-inspired breakthroughs.

Despite the strengths of this genre, science fiction and fantasy stories are also very controversial given their features. Still, these stories are critical for children to engage with the aspirational hope of solving problems, creating worlds and reaching new heights for themselves and the generation that they belong.

Be whisked away into these classic fantasy tales.

Alice in Wonderland

The Story of Dr. Doolittle

Peter Pan

Separate speculative and futuristic fiction from reality in these science fiction stories.

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