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Be a Book Advocate!

Reading is one of the most important skills that a child could learn. We know that it’s a gateway skill for academic success but many do not realise that it’s also just plain fun.


Reading benefits your mind, your body and your soul.

If you’d like to give someone the gift of reading here are some ideas for you.

#1 Listeners’ Pop-ups!

Listeners’ pop-ups are wonderful opportunities for those of you who are expressive readers. If you
have the talent to bring any book alive for listeners, here’s your chance to spread the word that
books are wonderful and reading is better.

Choose your audience – they could be any group that you feel will enjoy listening to stories or fact
fiction about any topic. You could gather your audience or wait to see who turns up and it could be
anyone – the young, the mature, the healthy or the infirm. Listeners’ pop-ups are aimed to interest
readers but also to gather people around books. Spread the word in your community or ours to
listen to the morning newspapers to be read, an installment of a mystery series or the latest best-

These sessions could be one-off or regular that could include a chat after or not. In short, they are
casual and self-determined. Find your inner book influencer by reading to others and encouraging
the joy of reading.

Share your experience with us by sending us a short write-up and a couple of photographs. We’d
post your experience on our Instagram page. #forreal

#2 Borrow a Book

You could share the gift of reading by borrowing their favourite book from the library. Gifting
someone with a borrowed book encourages them to read a book that you have found wonderful
without having to buy it. Since library loans are short term, they’ll be encouraged to read the book
within that couple of weeks before you come a knocking for it.

To prepare, check that your community library has the title you are thinking of before heading to it.
You could encourage the person you are thinking of gifting this experience by going with them to
borrow the book and perhaps encouraging them to join the library. Libraries are wonderful
interactive spaces where you and the recipient of your gift could explore and have regular read-
together meet-ups.

We’d like to know about your experience, so tell us about it in a short paragraph and don’t forget
the photographs. #sustainablereading

#3 Monthly Book Reads

Set up a list of 12 books per year that you’d like to read or listen to. At the end of every month, send us a short paragraph of your experience with the book.


Was it a good read or maybe not? You could recommend it if it is. We’d like to post it on Instagram to introduce you as our very own book influencer. #readingiship

Share Your Experience!

Share your experience with us by sending us a short write-up and a couple of photographs. We’ll post your experience on our Instagram page. #forreal

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