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This genre of children’s literature is fast growing. Non-fiction or books about facts area critical genre to include in the reading diet of children for many reasons. First, with new technologies, the quality of books published for this genre has improved to the extent that children are offered a near-video experience when reading these books. Second, these books come in a range of formats that one could select for a customized reading choice for a child. For example, facts retold as stories allow children to access these books easily.


A critical reason to include non-fiction is to inspire children about topics that they may otherwise be struggling with. Children who struggle with Math or Science, can avail these topics and even skills through these books that are aimed at inspiring the child reader. Research argues that children who are reluctant readers of fiction, may actually prefer reading this genre.

Since these books deal with facts, there is a shelf-life to these books. Ensuring that children are reading the latest publications is important because there are new discoveries and new insights every day. When paired with fiction, these books give children the facts to the contexts of stories, the lives characters lived during the time of the story and why certain outcomes are imminent.

History & Biographies

For the 21st Century child, here are some titles that can be selected.

People & Cultures


Sports and Recreation

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